[CASE STUDY] How To Drive Social Traffic and Rank (Like a Boss)

[CASE STUDY] How To Drive Social Traffic and Rank (Like a Boss)

This is how to successfully launch a new website, drive TONS of social traffic, and  earn money quickly by chasing long tail keywords. I only used social traffic for the first 45 days, and did not do any traditional offsite “link building.”

I was able to successfully rank the website on the first page of Google using only the social signals and websites detailed below. As you know, new content is constantly being created and social websites are one of the first places these new URLs are posted. I believe in 2013 we will see Google shift more and more towards using social signals as a factor in their ranking algorithms.

Day 1 of launch was the most important day of the case study. I started with the goal of getting as many unique clicks to the website as possible. On day 1 of the launch, December 17th, I was able to attract 1,588 unique visits. I primarily used Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I made another “hard push” on Day 13, December 29, receiving 3,372 visits. On this day, I used Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter. I believe surges like these are essential to getting large amounts of content indexed and ranking for long tail keywords.

Case Study Time Period: 45 days
Monetization method: Google AdSense
Total Ad Impressions: 128,041
Total Clicks: 2,276
Total Earned: $456.30
Domain: Brand new. Registered for 2 years @ Namecheap
Hosting: On dedicated server in US

Total traffic in first 45 days:
33,808 unique hits


Total traffic graph:


Organic search traffic gradually increasing:


Ahrefs.com backlink profile:


Pages indexed/found by Search Engines:

2,020 results


328 results


417 results


Sites used to drive traffic:


– Pinned website content on my account. Created boards with related names and Pinned the content accordingly.

– Sent out tweets from 10 different Twitter accounts with my URL in the tweet. Each account had follower counts ranging from 5,000 – 22,000. You can search on various webmaster forums or fiverr.com to get people to do this for you.
– Included 1 or 2 trending topic #hashtags in each tweet.

– I posted the root domain URL and inner page URLs into various related subreddits. Used same method from my previous blog post.

– Uploaded website content and applied relative tag and title information. These images would get 100s of Reblogs and comments. From my experience with Tumblr, the tags of the image are the most important part, so be as descriptive as possible. The Tumblr search system works well and there are thousands of users every second who search for cool images and reblog them on their Tumblr accounts.
– Make sure you add your URL to every image. Every time a user reblogs your image, your URL will also get passed onto their tumblr wall/page giving you more traffic.


– I started a Facebook fan page for my website. I invited everyone on my friends list to join (annoying and cliché, I know…)
– I posted the URL on existing fan pages of mine that have 100k+ Likes/Fans. I also paid 3 webmasters who had large fan pages (100k+) to post on their wall . You can search various webmaster forums or fiverr.com to get people to do this for you.


Longtail keywords:

*note: I have removed my long tails for the chart so as to not out my niche ;)

The key to getting ranked naturally for tons of long tail keywords is to have great on page SEO. Most of the longtails I am ranking on the 1st page for are 4+ words long.


Since these are all social sites, the TIME at which you post does affect your traffic. I would post to these sites once in the early morning around 7-9 AM and one more time around 3-4 PM. These tend to be peak usage times for getting traffic.

In closing

If you share you site using these techniques, Google and the search engines will find your URLs no matter what. Also note, Google will pick up on social signals at a faster rate than Bing/Yahoo. You can rank your website for many long tail keywords without doing any traditional link building. For this reason, it may be time to consider moving away from such tactics and think outside the box. After all, I have never heard of a site tanking for too many social signals : )

Relying on Google as your main traffic source can be deadly to your income if something were to happen to your rankings (algo shift or competition). I believe it is ideal to stray away from Google as much as possible (as a traffic source) in the beginning. I highly encourage users to dive deep into their niche and find all popular forums & websites. From there, register an account, contribute and share your URL where possible. Social sites are a great way to escape the Google death grip and introduce your site to its target audience.

If you would like to chat more about this topic or are interested in a similar service for your website, please contact me at edmond [at] bluereach [dot] com.

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