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Here is my list – sharing is caring : )

We are always looking for new citation opportunities; spots no one else thinks to look. Recently I did a post on video citation opportunities, which I have since put into practice, and am continuing to see great standings.

Since our team is in the digging mood, a couple weeks back we decided to go find some other photo citation opportunities. In the past we had been using only Panoramio, Flickr and Picasaweb, which still seems like more than what our competitors do. However recently Panoramio has tightened up, and we are finding some of the photos we are uploading are getting pulled down. Because we create a brand new account, and submit seldomly, they are being flagged as spam. So, in addition to creating a work around, we set out to find new alternatives. Here is our complete list:

Web Property

In case you don’t already know, by NAP I mean is there a place where you can sneak in Name, Address and Phone Number. Geotag means that the site will ask you something like, “where was this photo taken?” and allow you to fill in an address -this is a good thing! And finally, backlink is the opportunity to leave a link going back to your site.

Before uploading the pics, I would suggest running the pics through Exifer, Geosetter or Photolinker so as to embed the image with even more juicy geo data.

Please let me know if I am missing any big ones : )

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  • Denver Boudoir Photography | Brooke Summer

    This is a great list, thank you! One note – it is actually SmugMug, not SmugsMug . They have the misspelled domain as well, but I thought you might want to know. :)

    • Adam Steele

      Thanks Brooke! Much appreciated : )

  • Touch Point

    Awesome list, Adam! Thanks for sharing it. Photos tagged with citations and geo-data are great ways to help with rankings. Thanks.

  • Ori

    Thanks for the great post and table. In your opinion how much do you think these geo tagged images contribute to the local seo efforts?

    • Adam Steele

      Not entirely sure honestly- been doing them since I started 2-3 years ago. Most all are properties with authority, so it would seem silly not to take advantage.

  • Nyagoslav

    Hey Adam,

    I have somehow missed this post earlier, and if I was not checking your blog just now, I was going to be regretting deeply. Awesome resource and thanks a lot for sharing! Regarding some additional ideas, I know Chris Silver Smith had a post on photo sharing sites for SEO (here:, but as it was posted quite some time ago I am not too sure how relevant and up-to-date the data there is.


    • Adam Steele

      Great addition Nyago. Thanks for sharing this with me. Going to have my team check out those that we dont have on our list for the above criteria and add them to the post.


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