Sharing Is Caring – 5 Ways to Gain Popularity and Up Your Customer Base

Sharing Is Caring - 5 Ways to Gain Popularity and Up Your Customer Base

Have you ever seen a business seemingly explode overnight? Do you ever wonder what they did that made them so popular? Did they meet the right people? Did they get a ton of funding? Did they buy ridiculous amounts of ad space?

The answer is not that complicated or expensive. They simply encouraged the sharing of their products. Follow these five tips to maximize your growth potential.

Make Social Sharing A Part of Your Operation

Look at the sites and products you really enjoy. Ever see something like this?


Heck, just look to the left of this site. Allowing your customers and clients to tell their friends about what you are doing is a tactic every site should employ to optimize shares. Best of all, its quick and easy to put on all of your sites.

Tip: Tap into your current network to start the process. Often times if people see they aren’t the only one sharing, they’ll be willing to quickly jump on the bandwagon. Talk to your friends, family, and current customer base about liking, tweeting, +1ing, or sharing your page. Start the process and it could turn into a snowball effect.

Encourage Sharing After Purchases

Sharing your most recent buy isn’t new to the marketing world, but how many of us actually encourage it? Usually, after we buy something we’re really excited about, we run out and tell our friends about it. It’s time for you to facilitate that action digitally after the purchase.


Tip: Take a page out of’s playbook. Enable sharing on your conformation page/email. Make the action a one-click process for best results. If you want to take it a step further, offer a discount for the share (ie. 10% off your next purchase).

Products For Groups

What’s better than one person trying your service for the first time? Two or three people trying your service for the first time! Group discounts are one thing that everyone loves. Whether you own a frozen yogurt shop or a software company, you can make this strategy work for you. “Buy one, get one for a friend” deals are a great way to gain exposure and incentivize the inviting of others to experience what you have to offer.


Tip: If you really want to get creative, make your deal a collaborative project much like Whiskey Militia or Steep and Cheap. Only offer a limited number of your product for a specified time and tell them it won’t be valid unless all of them sell. This will give them the encourage everyone to tell their friends about the on all of their social media sites. Just make sure you incorporate share buttons on the page!

Buy For A Friend/Refer a Friend

This one is related to the last, and just as straightforward. Allow your current customer base to gift others your service at a discounted rate. This is a great way to generate phenomenal referrals. Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

If you really want to up your game, also incorporate a program that incentivizes referrals. Offer a discount or buying credit. If it’s good enough for Groupon, it may be good enough for you.


This simple tactic will bring you more customers than you know what to do with. You automatically have a high rapport with your new clients because of their friends who recommended your business as unequivocally awesome.

Tip: Use simple and compelling copy when inviting others to buy for/refer a friend. Something along the lines of: Do you know a friend who would love our blah-blah-blah? Give it to them and receive blah-blah-blah off your next purchase.

Know the Lifetime Value of A Customer

All of these strategies are contingent upon knowing the lifetime value of your customer. If it is only $15 dollars, offering a large discount for sharing isn’t too conducive to what you are trying to accomplish. However if your customers are worth $40-50 over the lifetime of their consumership, it may not hurt to offer a $10 dollar credit towards their next purchase. This will in turn give them a reason to keep buying from you. As always, know your business and your customer base. Experiment a little and find what works for you.


Remember, in today’s business sharing is caring. Make it quick and easy for your customers and they will gladly pass word via their social accounts.

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